Man and Van

Hiring a man and van sometimes can be not as simple as it seems

We’ve all seen those advertisements around our neighbourhoods advertising an ‘excellent service’ or ‘low cost’ or ‘man and van’, all with ‘no hassle’ or ‘guarantees’.

Suppose we said that hiring a man and van is not always the bargain it seems?

Well, how difficult can it be, you may say?

The answer is – far more than you expected!

Hold on though, don’t just take our word for it, let us explain – if we can take your time and attention for only a couple of minutes please?

What tips are they for hiring a man and a van?

There are several tips for hiring a man and a van that you need to consider beforehand, such as:-


Often freelancers hire a van out to the general public without commercial insurance, or indemnity for damage or third party loss.

Ask for certification of insurance, including all indemnities and business insurance – otherwise you may not be covered.


When hiring a man and van, ensure they have solid references, testimonials and feedback from verified past customers. Check that they have suitable experience for the work you are proposing to hire them for.


Often when hiring a man and van, they will charge you on a ‘one size fits all’ price point, as they often only have one type of van – as opposed to professional movers who have fleets so can provide the correct size for the correct job, and at the correct price!


As most ‘man and van’ operations have limited customers small fleets – often literally just one van – their schedule may not suit yours. Ensure they will be available at the times to suit you, not them.

Part loads/sharing jobs

To optimise their jobs, sometimes when hiring a man and van, they may try to do two jobs at once, i.e. transport your goods at the same as the van is hired to another customer, so both of you are sharing – but not paying a lesser price!

Local Knowledge/GPS

As if moving home was not stressful enough, having your man and van get lost in transit will only add to the nightmare. Ensure before hiring your man and van they know the collection/dropoff collection points, and the best routes – or have a GPS that will assist them.

Packing materials and accessories

When hiring a man and van, ensure they have the correct lifting equipment, packing supplies, trollies etc. that will enable them to do the job safely, simply and swiftly. Double check before-hand that you will not be charged extra for accessories such as trolley or lifting equipment etc.

Quote, Payment terms and documentation

Last but not least, perhaps the most important part. Ensure there is total clarity about the quotation costs, the terms of business, the payment terms, method of payment and there is a clear documented scope of works/brief for the company to work to.

Ensure you receive the quote and contract in paper format, and the company’s details are valid and correct.