Moving Home Tips

It’s well known moving home is stressful – on a par with public speaking and stand up comedy – but how can you keep your house move simple, swift and stress-free?

From experience, we can tell you that the old maxim of ‘failing to plan means you are planning to fail’ is totally true when moving house.
This is why we actively encourage anyone moving house to consider this article and look into developing a sound, clear moving home checklist.

What do you need to consider for a moving house checklist?

  1. Consider your utilities. You will need to arrange disconnection, transfer to new address/provider and take meter readings ideally around six weeks before the move date.
  2. Consider your mail. Will you need redirection, or could you set up an arrangement with the new occupier of your previous property to hold your mail?
  3. Draft up a moving house checklist, room by room, of what you want to pack, what to throw, or donate to charity.
  4. Estimate the sizes of packing materials needed on a room by room basis, and allow 5-10% on the final total to allow for contingencies. Some removals companies offer packing suppliers and accessories, and may even offer a distmantling/assembly service for any furniture.
  5. Decide on how you will move your furniture, or if you will sell it. eBay can be a major asset here, if you want your furniture taken away, simply put it for auction at a ridiculously low price and people will come and collect it from you – and pay you for the privilege!
  6. Before you start packing, plan your moving home checklist room by room – spreadsheets are ideal for this – and have a system where you list the items that will go into each box, along with a checkmark for once the item has been packed. Cameraphones are also helpful here – by snapping a shot before you seal the box, you can get an instant reminder of what’s insider.
  7. Develop an index, e.g. LR1, LR2 for Living Room Box1 , Box 2 etc. so that when you arrive at your new home you can ensure read off your moving house checklist to ensure that the correct boxes are placed in the correct new locations.
  8. Finally, before you start packing – double-check every single item and ensure you want it to be moved; it’s pointless to move items from house to house only for them to stay unwanted in the new house!

So that’s the difficult part about moving home checklists, now let’s do the easy bit – unpack

Packing up is always the most difficult part of moving house, but with a sound moving home checklist and plan your day stands the best chance to proceed without any issues.

There is only one final moving house tip we suggest before you start your removal, and here it is.

Ensure that the last items you pack are mugs, coffee, tee, sugar, milk and biscuits – then when you arrive and before you unpack, you can ‘brew up’ and have a nice cup of tea or coffee to get your energy levels up and motivated!

So there you have it – 8 moving home tips for creating a moving home checklist and one must-not miss tip about unpacking!

Safe travels!