Moving House Costs

How much does it cost to move house?

Moving house will probably be one of the most stressful days of your life, financially and mentally, so to help you we are going to share some tips to keep removal costs down.

The sad fact is people often pay well above the normal cost of moving house, simply because they don’t plan the move correctly, or choose the wrong removals company.

Here we will explain a simple process to keep your removal costs down, whilst ensuring the best service with the least stress.

The 1 big secret to lowering the cost of moving house

Let’s start with the biggest secret to keeping the cost of moving house as low as possible – plan your move BEFORE you appoint a removals company. Many people choose the removals company first, before they even know the scope of work they need, which often leads to removals companies overpricing for work.

Think about this for a moment. How can a removals company give you an accurate price unless you, and then they, can actually quantify the move step by step?

  • How many boxes?
  • What size boxes?
  • Transport time?
  • Where do the boxes have to be moved to?
  • Is there any dismantling/assembly needed?
  • Do the removals company need to provide additional items or accessories such as cloths, drapes, straps, trolleys etc. – and are these included in the cost?

Only when you have a firm plan, on paper with data such as listed above, should you then move to research the market to find a removals company.

Finding the best removals company that will provide the best removal costs

You now need to aim to produce a shortlist of 3-5 removals companies that you can request a quotation for removals costs from. If you select too few, say two, you won’t know which one is high or low. If you select too many, say ten, you will just create more work and confusion.

Choose the removals companies that are upfront about how they price, have a wide range of vehicles, can fit your schedule and most of all, are very clear about all the included costs (it’s very easy to ‘extras’ to start appearing once you’re moving).

Ask friends, family and work colleagues for references or referrals or ask the removals company direct for any testimonials they have from previous satisfied customers.

Once you have you have a shortlist, ask for the quotation – by submitting your plan; that way you can ensure that all the shortlisted companies are pricing ‘like for like’.

Gather the quotations together, then consider the payment terms – deposit amount, balance due and most of all, ensure the contractual responsibilities and disclaimers are reviewed closely – as this is usually where the increased costs creep in.

Once you have the quotations and proposals, before you commit do one last step. Contact each provider and ask for a better price. Explain you have several other providers but you really like their reputation, and most times you will get a slightly better price.

So, that’s the answer to ‘how much does it cost to move house’ – it only costs too much if you don;’t plan it correctly!

Happy moving Day!