Questions and Answers to help in choosing a London removals company

Q – Due to the property market upswing, there are so many removal companies in London, so how do you choose one?

A – Although there is not one ‘one size fits all’ answer, the best removals services London has to offer are the ones that meet your needs. You may need a London removals company at short notice, or you may need a cheap removal van in London for just a couple of hours.

Q – Do you go for the best removal services London has to offer, even if it costs you the Earth?

A – Whilst focusing on cost is normal, try to focus on what removals North London companies offer you the best value. Things like being available at the right time for your move, only pricing for the work that needs doing, having breakage insurance, trackable removal vans are all additional factors that can create value, and hence a better removals London company to match your needs.

Q – When it comes to removals North London seem to have more than it’s fair share of companies, is it because they are all so busy or is the market so competitive?

A – The North London area is seeing higher than average turnover of house moves, so London removal companies have acted to supply this demand – thus the London removal market seems particular busy in that area.

Q – Isn’t it always mad busy for removals in London, and difficult to book a removal van?

A – Not necessarily. A large part of London removals are actually badly planned by the home movers, leading to removals vans being tied up on a job much longer than needs be. In addition to creating greater cost to the customer, this also means more removal vans in London are doing less jobs, which affects the availability.

So, the solution is, if everybody that needs removal companies in London plans their needs correctly before booking London removals, then more vans would be available more often.

Q – What 6 tips can you suggest for me to choose the best removal services London offers me?

A – Plan, Research. Document. Haggle. Measure.

  1. Plan – before contacting any London removals company, plan your move in details – how many boxes, what sizes, what rooms to move to, any assembly/dismantling, any special equipment needed?
  2. Research – pick 3 to 5 removals North London companies that you feel comfortable with; good reputation, informative website, guarantees, insurance, testimonials etc.
  3. Document – offer your plan to the London removals companies, ensuring they return a written quote to you detailing payment terms, deposits, terms and conditions, any extra charges etc. so that you can make a balance decision.
  4. Haggle – although often overlooked, once you have a preferred supplier ask for a discount, explain you have other offers but you really want to work with them because of their reputation, but you have a budget – is there any way you can get a better price?
  5. Measure – although when your London removals day arrives it’s likely to be very stressful, keep a watch on operations to ensure your plan is implemented correctly – especially regarding loading/unloading of the removal van. Ensure the removal services workers are complying with the plan, otherwise you could end up paying extras in cost to them or additional time unpacking (if the wrong box is unloaded into the wrong location)